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Improvements in motor coordination include better writing ability. Participants were better able to write words within set lines and squares. One participant had significant improvements in swimming ability and improvements in paper cutting were also noted.

Can cancer patient use the machine? Yes, he can. From pathology, cancer patient is poor at immune ability. By using the machine, it dredges the meridians and collaterals, regulating qi and blood, balancing yin and yang, resuming normal function of pathological location, achieving the aim of prevention and cure of disease, keeping health and physical therapy. Then the progress of cancer will be controlled to a certain degree.

Acupressure Self, ultrasound and Drug Order. All three therapies had good effects, but the combined therapy was the most effective. The researchers concluded that Fu needling combined with electroacupuncture may produce a higher cur rate of tennis elbow than either of the therapies used alone.

In my teaching career, I have found that the in the majority of times practitioners have reported clinical failures or aggravations to me, proper polarization of treatment electrodes was not being applied.

The lower half of your leg is the calf muscle and when you hurt it in any way, the most immediate treatment is rest, ice, compression and elevation. However, you can speed up healing and alleviate pain through electronic acupuncture so you can get back to physically active lifestyle.

A randomised controlled trial that compared the clinical effectiveness of real acupuncture to with sham acupuncture to induce labour. A total of 364 women who were scheduled for a post-term induction with a singleton pregnancy and cephalic presentation were included. The median time from acupuncture to delivery was 68.6 hours compared with 65 for women in the control group.

After 3 months, the average pain intensity (NRS 0-10) was lower in the acupuncture group compared to the control group (3.1 vs. 5.4, difference -2.3, 95% CI -2.9 to -1.6; p<.001). the acupuncture group also had better quality of life scores.

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